Our CSR & Corporate Values

Danoffice IT CSR is built on our Corporate Values, our DNA.

The commitment of our employees and shareholders to live those core values is in our DNA. With our CSR program we wish to be responsible for the impact our activities have on colleagues, partners, clients and communities around the world.
Our CSR is two-folded and based on The Global Compact and The Sustainable Development Goals:

The Global Compact

Danoffice IT is proud of our membership of “The Global Compact” and fully support its policies.
Our Communications on Progress (COP) ensure transparency on what we do, how we operate and how we invest. The COP drive us to perform with the highest standards of good governance and ethics through how we do business.
Please find our annual COP report below, where you can read more about our work on The Global Compact.

The Sustainable Development Goals Path

Danoffice IT supports and initiate activities on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) also known as the Global Goals, and the need to identify, develop and accelerate initiatives.
Responsibility is in our DNA and we always support our customers with sustainable products and solutions. Anchoring our strategy to the SDGs was a natural continuation of our long lasting work with the United Nations, leading global businesses and organisations as an ongoing process to accelerate solutions to meet the SDG challenge.

Below please read more about our initiatives:

#COP The United Nations Global Compact

Danoffice IT joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2007, to become part of the world´s largest sustainability and citizenship initiative. This network-based initiative has the Global Compact Office and six UN agencies at its core.

The Global Compact connects all relevant participants, including the companies whose actions it seeks to influence, governments, labor groups, civil society organisations and the United Nations itself as an authoritative convener and facilitator.

As part of our continuing commitment, Danoffice IT produces an annual Communication on Progress (COP) report to document the achievements on the 10 CSR principles we adhere to. The principles have been integrated at all organisational levels, from strategic and tactical to operational. The report itself acts as inspirational reminder of the progress made on behalf of our global society.

As part of that global society, Danoffice IT believes it is important to have an active CSR policy and commitment to operating according to the values we believe in. Both policy and progress are communicated to our partners and staff through the company staff manual, posters placed within our premises and on the Danoffice IT corporate website.


In below list you can find the actions we take on the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

UN Global Compact Communications On Progress Report

Danoffice IT COP 2018

#SDG4 Quality Education

Danoffice IT has together with La Châtaigneraie International School of Geneva Ecolint, sponsored a humanitarian project at two orphanages in Katmandu Nepal. Both the orphanages Sagarmantha and Punarbal has received PC’s for educational purposes of the children.

«This has been the biggest surprise gift for us.
I have attached the picture of the children operating it. And once again our gratitude for the very unexpected and the best gift ever for our children.
Best Regards,

«Words like thank you, gratitude is small thing for what you all have done to us and our children. Their life have changed a lot - children are happy, content, have good health with better medication, educated and above all they have hope to lead a better life now.
Lots of love and regards from Punarbal children»

#SDG8 Decent Work And Economic Growth

At Danoffice IT we empower vulnerable women in Kenya.

We buy coffee beans through the NGO NGUVU who buys directly from local female farmers cutting all the middlemen giving the women higher yield.
The women agrees on a contract where the NGO secures education of their children and other necessities.
This way we can support the women and their children with food, clean water, medical treatment and education.

One of the stories:
Vulnerable women like Betty is daily fighting to keep her small farm with around 300 coffee trees. It is a struggle to provide her three children with food, clean water and medical treatment. Betty’s biggest dream is to give her children an education, so they can get a future with possibilities.

Betty’s dream can now come true, because she is part of the NGUVU coffee initiative. She is not only getting financial support, so she can give her children an education. She also gets 3-4 times more yield on her coffee beans than before and she is getting skill development, so she can continue optimizing her harvest.


United Against Corruption

At Danoffice IT we consider corruption as a substantial obstacle to economic and social development around the world. It has negative impacts on sustainable development and predominantly sustains poverty.

Danoffice IT position on corruption is not take part, or to accept, any form of fraud or corruption. The company is determined to prevent, detect and deter any form thereof. This has been our position since our foundation in 1995 and we are proud to say that our company has never been involved, accused or convicted of any form of fraud or corruption.

The company defines bribery as an act on offering or receiving money, goods or other forms of recompense from a business associate in exchange for an alteration of their behavior to the benefit or interest of the giver that the recipient would otherwise not alter.


Protect Mother Earth

Since 2009 Danoffice IT has executed on our “Protect Mother Earth” recycling program. In partnership with our United Nations clients and our vendors, we collect used toners and cartridges from the UN missions all over the world and recycle them in Europe. Our combined efforts have reached several tens of thousands of units collected so far and still counting.