ISAE 3402 audit completed

Statement of Assurance - your guarantee of a trustworthy and secure IT partner

We have just completed ISAE 3402 - a statement of assurance that confirms the security of the control environment around our IT systems.


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ISAE 3402 is an international (and Danish adopted) audit standard in the field of IT security and control environment.

An ISAE 3402 auditor's statement documents proper IT matters at a company, and serves as evidence of compliance with regulatory requirements and good IT practice.

An ISAE 3402 Statement provides a picture of the general state of an IT organization and relates to all business operations around the IT function that are part of or may affect financial reporting: Development, operation, preparedness, documentation, etc. At the same time, it also relates to simple practical parameters such as the physical conditions, for example how servers/data center are located.

The audit documents that we are a trustworthy and secure IT partner and confirms that what we say we deliver is also what we deliver.

The audit statement is made each year by an independent state-authorized public accountant with IT audit as a specialty. Our audit was conducted in collaboration with the state-authorized audit firm, REVI-IT.

Behind the audit, our internal workflows, procedures and documents form the basis of the statement. We are therefore very happy and proud to have received the Statement of Assurance.