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Intelligent and easy infrastructure management

Administrators of virtual environments today are challenged by the increasing complexity of systems, multidomain approaches, demands to run both legacy and modern applications, and combat unnecessary spread of VM’s, while at the same time being asked to cut costs.



Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solve these challenges by enabling disconnection of compute, storage and networking capabilities from the underlying IT infrastructure. This is also known as software defined infrastructure.

It is an ideal architecture for assembling workloads with predictable growth and storage requirements. However, classic HCI solutions are affected by the fact that when you scale, you scale on both compute, memory and storage at the same time, even if you simply lack storage.

This is where Disaggregated Hyperconverged Infrastructure (dHCI) comes in. DHCI comes with a new architecture that handles unpredictable growth workloads where future apps and consolidation require different amounts of compute and storage.

It is easy to use as a hyperconverged solution, but has the flexibility to scale storage independently as converged solutions.



  • Get maximum performance with a minimum of complexity
  • Make everyday life easier for your IT administrators with one central data management platform
  • Get higher efficiency through simpler administration
  • Save on your IT resources - and thus your costs
  • Make your data center flexible


We have a number of excellent HCI and dHCI solutions for your disposal. To help you choose the proper solution, we've compiled some examples of what we think you should choose.

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HPE SimpliVity

SimpliVity collects server, storage, backup, WAN etc. in one common management platform. That way, your business gets a very simple management of the infrastructure without compromising performance. Most companies only take daily backups, while full backups are done on weekends, and differential backups in everyday life. With that backup strategy, you run the risk of accidentally losing up to a full day's work.

HPE SimpliVity does backup in a way that does not involve large disk loads. SimpliVity deduplicates all VM data and makes instant backups that do not affect your infrastructure performance. The deduplicated storage allows you to store far more backups and can be started immediately.

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Nimble storage dHCI

With Nimble Storage dHCI, you make use of the intelligent architecture you are used to from HCI, but instead of having to scale on both compute, memory and storage at the same time, dHCI allows you to scale on each component individually.

The solution allows to scale the components independently, but offers the same simple installation and administration as traditional HCI. That way you get the best of both worlds - the flexibility of converged and the efficient administration and simplicity of hyperconverged.

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Dell Technologies HCI

IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to provide their businesses with innovative capabilities that accelerate digital transformation. Any new infrastructure deployment must be software-defined with tightly integrated compute, storage, and network virtualization capabilities. The solution must also be able to meet or exceed the performance and availability requirements of today’s most demanding applications. The Dell Technologies HCI portfolio is built on the pillars of modern IT: flash, cloud-enabled, scale-out and software-defined technologies.

When purchasing modern platforms, organizations must carefully evaluate their options. At Danoffice IT we are ready to help you with advice and guidance towards choosing the best solution for your business.


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