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Maximize your business with an efficient, secure and agile network

At the center of any high-performance IT infrastructure, you will find network components. A well-functioning network is crucial for an ever-increasing number of work tasks – and the ability to carry them out quickly, efficiently and safely.

Today, everyone from your employees over customers to partner companies expect unlimited and uninterrupted network access - no matter where they are. It raises the bar for network performance and standards for your IT organisation and network provider.

Increasing flexibility demands, remote users, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, virtualization, and cloud-based solutions are all putting your business’ ability to continually run smoothly under pressure. The answer is a versatile, flexible, and secure network infrastructure.

The ultimate goal is reaching a situation where users do not even think about or notice that they are connected to a network. It just always works and performs perfectly.



  • Future-proof your network's capacity and redundancy features
  • Flexibly scale your network across wireless and wired infrastructure
  • Carry out migration projects - both complete overhauls and stage-by-stage replacements
  • Increase user productivity and efficiency – with networks that simply always deliver
  • Fulfil compliance demands by enabling control over areas like BYOD and IoT devices



  • Centralized wireless network management and automated reporting solutions
  • Reduced in-house needs for IT staff and network managers
  • Increased flexibility - faster conversion and upgrading
  • Lower and more predictable IT costs
  • 24/7 service from a dedicated, experienced IT service department


We have a number of excellent network solutions for your disposal. To help you choose the proper solution, we've compiled some examples of what we think you should choose.

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Aruba Central

Aruba Central offers simple, secure and cost-effective network monitoring and management. The cloud-based management solution has built-in analytics, enabling immediate insight and overview of your network and its health through intuitive dashboards.

Aruba Central is a simple, solid and high-performing network platform that releases IT resources and secures your users' access 24/7.

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Aruba Clearpass Policy Manager

Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager is the most advanced access control platform on the market.

Clearpass includes features such as automated credentialing, social media login, advanced reporting tools, and much more. Maybe this is your new platform for secure network access and policy control?

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Get a subscription network that matches your needs. Limit the burden on your IT specialists, and lessen the dependence on in-house network experts, by letting Danoffice IT provide and manage Wi-Fi and operation of your wireless IT infrastructure - at a fixed monthly rate. We do this 24/7, 365 days a year.

We monitor and manage your network, continuously analyze performance, make sure that you have a continuously updated and up-to-date network solution that includes the latest technologies, and have support functions standing by to assist you.


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Danoffice IT are assisting Region Hovedstaden (the Capital Region of Copenhagen, Denmark - the country’s largest public organization) with improving the region’s network. The collaboration is part of a long-term IT infrastructure modernization, which will save the region a great deal of money, as well as help make the infrastructure smarter, more efficient, and secure.

It is an task that requires a tremendous amount of coordination, as the Capital Region serves around 1.8 million residents and, among other institutions and organizations, is home to Denmark's largest hospital system, where there is no room for "downtime".

Wi-Fi networks need to be replaced and expanded, but with more than 230,000 network plugs in the region, it takes especially talented technicians to make the new installations.

Michael Fischer, Head of Region Hovedstaden’s IT department, explains:

“Danoffice IT specializes in complex IT infrastructure and is fully aware that this project, more than any other, requires an in-depth understanding of what the future may bring. Luckily, that is what they really excel at.”

The Capital Region of Denmark

Why Danoffice IT

Danoffice IT has more than 30 years of experience delivering network solutions to enterprises and organizations of all sizes. We are the only Aruba Platinum Networking Partner in Denmark– a title that is only awarded Aruba partners who display the highest levels of competences, certifications and expertise.
Furthermore, we are the only partner in Denmark to also be certified as Aruba Silverpeak Partner and Aruba Managed Services Partner

This means that we can ensure you highly competent advice and support on all Aruba networking solutions - whether you want to purchase or have them delivered as-a-service.

In 2018 we were named Aruba Partner of the Year in Northern Europe and Aruba Partner of the Year in Denmark in both 2018, 2019 and 2020.

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Chosen supplier to the public sector

Danoffice IT has been selected as one of the 5 suppliers to provide network products for the state, regions and municipalities in Denmark.

This is done under the framework agreement with the name SKI 50.07, which is a common public framework agreement for network products.

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