Danoffice IT is one of a select few companies authorized to supply Danish governmental organizations on the national, regional and municipal level with IT solutions.

The supply agreements happen in accordance with the following public contracts:

Storage room

SKI 50.03

Danoffice IT is one of four major storage and server solutions providers for the Danish state, regions and municipalities.

The agreement is part of the 50.03 framework agreement, which will be the sole public framework agreement for servers and storage in the future.

Danoffice IT are expert consultants for the delivery and maintenance of IT systems, IT architectures, and IT processes. We can meet any demand for services, as well as hardware and software solutions, connected to the server and storage agreement.

The agreement includes services such as:

  • Servers for rack, blade and tower solutions
  • Storage DAS, NAS and SAN
  • Accessories - including racks, electronics, cabling, power supplies, etc.
  • Network components for the implementation of server and/or storage solutions
  • Service and support agreements
  • Software/licenses - including virtualization software, management software, monitoring software, etc.
  • Solutions - including software-defined storage and converged infrastructure/hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Hourly services



We can help you with your service contracts - both up to the first signature and in the time afterwards. The same applies to when contracts need to be renewed, possibly terminated or replaced when purchasing new equipment.

Read more about the 50.03 deal.

Network illustration

SKI 50.07

Danoffice IT has been selected as one of five network product suppliers to the Danish state, regions and municipalities.

This is done under the 50.07 framework agreement, which is a joint public framework agreement for network products.

The agreement includes services such as:

  • Routers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Switches
  • Authentication products
  • Network product management
  • Accessories
  • Service and support
  • Hourly services

Read more about the 50.07 deal.


Danoffice IT is a certified elite service provider of services and equipment to Danish public organizations.

UdbudsVagten (the Public Service Guard) awards the certificate to the top 1% largest suppliers of services to Danish public organizations, measured by total revenue across all public authorities.

With both SKI agreements, we can now deliver solutions to the entire data center, creating synergies across the entire business.

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