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AI that predicts and solves up to 86% of problems before they occur

Managing IT infrastructure has always been synonymous with frustration, headaches and time-waste. Mainly because IT professionals end up spending their days, nights and weekends dealing with issues that disrupt applications and operations and are forced to manage IT infrastructure manually.

These challenges are increasing as the number of applications, and companies’ dependence on them and the underlying infrastructure, continue to grow.

There is a need for IT infrastructure to consistently and reliably deliver data to the application layer. Companies simply cannot afford any disruptions or delays. Fortunately, you now have a way to ensure this. HPE InfoSight is artificial intelligence power for your IT infrastructure that predicts and prevents problems across the infrastructure stack and delivers optimal performance and efficient use of available resources.

Next-generation storage platforms, such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) storage arrays, continue to improve the technical specifications for storage and application performance. However, fast storage alone cannot ensure reliable, continuous access to data or eliminate the need for manual processes and interventions.

The complexity of modern IT infrastructure inevitably affects the people who manage it – and the businesses where they work. No matter how hard the IT department works to move their business forward, IT infrastructure may continue to hold them back. The result is an endless cycle of “break-fix-tune-repeat.”

Read more about HPE Infosight and AI in our whitepaper “How AI can predict and prevent problems across your IT infrastructure”.


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Traditional monitoring and support are no longer enough

IT departments have always depended on monitoring tools for troubleshooting. Unfortunately, this has often meant that IT specialists end up spending dozens of hours reviewing logs and interpreting graphs - all to create an insight into the cause of a disruption so it could be resolved – and fixed quicker the next time it occurred.

As IT infrastructure becomes increasingly important to an organization’s bottom line, this model is no longer sufficient. It is no longer acceptable simply to detect a disturbance after it has occurred. Organizations need a solution that can predict, and thereby prevent, problems before they emerge.

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AI looks beyond the horizon

As human beings, we can see the present and remember a little of the past. That is roughly equivalent to the capabilities of the tools that IT administrators currently use to control and operate companies’ IT systems. Improving the way we manage IT infrastructure requires new solutions.

Solutions that enable us to better predict problems and bottlenecks before they occur - and that the systems come with built-in artificial intelligence that proactively and automatically highlights resource issues and generates insights on how to optimize your IT systems.


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The ability to learn from others

Analytics tools that only report on local system metrics offer limited value because insights generated about the behaviour of other, similar systems cannot be used in detecting and diagnosing problems. In contrast, a global approach to data collection and analysis can correlate observations from a huge range of workloads and systems. This allows lessons learned about rare events identified in one place to be used to avoid or mitigate similar issues in other locations.

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Lack of system expertise

Predictive modelling requires deep insight and understanding of all operational, environmental and telemetry parameters within each system in the infrastructure stack. General analysis can only go so far, whereas the combination of system experts and AI can enable machine learning algorithms to identify issue causes from historical events and thereby predict – and bolster the prevention of - the most complex and damaging problems.

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Inability to act

In an ideal world, your systems run autonomously without the need for human intervention. Reaching this level of automation requires a track record of proven, automated recommendations that provide the necessary baseline of trust.

AI can monitor your IT infrastructure, continuously learning from a globally installed pool of equipment, and apply what it learns to predict and prevent problems in your IT infrastructure, thereby eliminating hunches and speculation for infrastructure management. In other words, AI can make IT infrastructure smarter and more reliable.


InfoSight has built-in AI and Machine Learning capabilities that provide unique new opportunities for your IT infrastructure. For example, 86% of all problems are anticipated and automatically resolved before IT staff detect them.

InfoSight collects and analyzes millions of data points a second, and automatically shares knowledge and identified potential issues between other IT infrastructures across the globe.

This means that InfoSight can use millions upon millions of globally collected data points to analyze and safeguard your IT infrastructure, so even the rarest problems can be resolved quickly. In other words, you have the foundation for best-in-class availability and stable operations.

With InfoSight, you get predictive alarms, so you can fix problems like beginning hardware failure or performance challenges before they disrupt your IT systems. By using an artificial intelligence tool, you can quickly generate overview and insight without having to spend precious hours reviewing logs or queuing for support.


What data is collected by InfoSight?

  • Streaming Statistics - information about data center performance
  • Heartbeats - information about whether the IT infrastructure is active or whether the connection has been lost
  • Diagnostics for analytics - information about data center configurations
  • Alerts - alarms from the IT systems. This type of data is marked with the highest priority
  • VMVision - configuration and performance data collected via VMware vCenter


HPE has developed InfoSight for both its server and storage solutions and offers it free of charge to all HPE customers with an active support agreement.

InfoSight is available on both Nimble Storage and 3PAR and has also been released on ProLiant, Synergy and the Apollo systems Gen10, Gen9 and Gen8 with iLO 5 and iLO 4.


We assisted the National Hospital of the Faroe Islands with the implementation of a secure and intelligent storage solution.

Annfinn Thomsen, Head of IT at the National Hospital, explains:

“If one place were to be hit by a fire, our second location can continue operations unaffected. It's a solution with full redundancy.”

Danoffice IT designed, delivered and implemented a HPE 3PAR All Flash storage solution. In the new setup, usable capacity is more than quadrupled, from 20TB to 90-100TB.

As a bonus, the transition to the new HPE 3PAR All Flash storage solution has led to significant power savings. Electricity expenses for the new system are approximately 50 percentage lower, which means a saving of as much as DKK 450,000 a year.

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National Hospital of the Faroe Islands


We have a number of excellent storage solutions for your disposal. To help you choose the proper solution, we've compiled some examples of what we think you should choose.

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HPE Primera

Builds on the simplicity of HPE Nimble, mission-critical legacy of HPE 3PAR and incorporates artificial intelligence via HPE InfoSight. Get 100% uptime, guaranteed!

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Fast backup and recovery of data from any primary storage group.



Delivers the performance, simplicity and flexibility needed to support your hybrid IT environment.

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HPE StoreEver Tape

Address all of your retention and compliance needs with the complete portfolio of HPE tape storage solutions and services.

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Dell EMC

Choose between series such as PowerStore and Isilon for companies that demand value for money, flexibility and different performance options.

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Danoffice IT has decades of experience delivering storage solutions. That experience and our highly qualified employees are part of why we can advise you on everything from hardware infrastructure to data management as well as assist you with your overall data strategy.

We are one of the largest HPE partners in the market and the only partner in Denmark which is both HPE Platinum Partner on server and storage and Aruba Platinum Partner on network - the highest level of competencies, certifications and expertise.

This means that we are ready to give you the right advice and configure the best solutions. That is why we have been named Northern Europe SMB Partner of the Year in 2019.

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Chosen supplier to the public sector

Danoffice IT has been selected as one of the 4 suppliers of storage and server solutions for the state, regions and municipalities in Denmark.

This is done under the framework agreement with the name SKI 50.03, which is a common public framework agreement for servers and storage.

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