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Incorrect backup or poor backup management puts your company at risk of losing business-critical data. A situation that can lead to large extra expenses, loss of information and lower trust among consumers and customers. Simply put, strong backup and data security solutions are vital to protect your business from data loss.

There are many types of data loss, and not all are equally critical. However, days without access to central data, information and systems will undoubtedly hurt your business – in worst-case scenarios, it could lead to bankruptcy. Even in less severe situations, customers will likely go elsewhere if orders cannot be received or processed.

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Many different situations may lead to your data being compromised. It could involve, for example, IT systems being exposed to viruses, ransomware, or a technical error in your hardware. It could also happen if mother nature shows her worst side in the form of lightning or flooding - or if you are burgled.

At Danoffice IT, we specialize in customizing and delivering secure and profitable backup solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes. We can either deliver all the hardware and solutions necessary for you to store backups on-site or we can host it in our own data center.


We guarantee you:

• Minimum downtime in case of data breakdown or loss

• More time to focus on your strategic initiatives

• World-class data protection


We offer you Backup-as-a-Service. Instead of your IT department handling backups and having to worry about maintaining and replacing tapes or hard drives, you can hand these types of administrative tasks to Danoffice IT.

With Danoffice IT’s Backup-as-a-Service, you get the equivalent of an extra data center at a very low price. We have the buildings, security systems, server power and resources to handle any backup-related tasks. We help future proof your business by safeguarding and encrypting your data.

Danoffice IT Backup ensures that your business can continue running even when accidents occur - and we are standing by to help you 24/7, 365 days a year.

With Danoffice Backup, we store copies of your data in our top-protected data center - and if there is a need for it, we can store an extra copy in our secondary data center. That way, your company data is always fully protected.

At the same time, you don't have to spend large sums on reducing or expanding your storage capacity to meet the constantly changing data capacity demands - you can flexibly scale up and down on your storage with us instead. With a simple and competitive pricing model, you get predictable costs every month and keep your operating costs down.


  • Monitor and manage your backup solution, handle problem solution, and securing your data in the event of errors
  • Provide you with continuous backup status reports so you can see that your backup is stored and protected correctly
  • Have support staff ready to help you if you need to restore data
  • Maintain and update your backup solution so that it is always up to date
  • Offer disaster recovery, so you are up and running again as quickly as possible if an accident occurs.

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