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When you choose Managed Services at Danoffice IT, you are guaranteed a solution tailored to the requirements and needs of your business. In collaboration, we will analyze and identify all relevant requirements and needs in relation to your IT infrastructure. We then prepare your optimal solution for Managed Services and implement it quickly and efficiently.

Danoffice IT will manage and be responsible for providing a specific type of service, such as monitoring your company's IT infrastructure and solving any problems, either proactively or by order. Our solutions range from single servers to very complex solutions.

We can handle all daily operations, as well as the underlying systems and applications. You can also get help with everything in daily IT tasks, problems and projects - as well as implementation, security updates, monitoring, administration, maintenance and much more.

For many companies, it is important to be able to budget IT costs. Managed Services are usually charged per month, however any service can also be carried out at expense. It provides peace of mind knowing that the IT infrastructure is being managed by a professional IT department 365 days a year – even during holidays – as well as knowing the costs upfront.


  • Monitoring of servers at OS level

  • Monitoring of SAN

  • Monitoring of Microsoft Server software including Exchange, SharePoint, SQL etc.

  • Operation of servers with user administration, maintenance, event logs etc.

  • Patching (firmware, etc.) of physical equipment and security patching

  • Installation and maintenance of local IT equipment such as PC's, printers, etc.

  • Monitoring of physical equipment

  • Vouchers for helpdesk tasks
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