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Far from all companies can say that they have full insight into how applications (traditional and web-based) travel around the network. The same goes for the traffic of data, going in and out of the business. At the same time, many people find that IT security creates bottlenecks. Cloud, Big Data, and increased use of mobile web solutions place higher demands on faster data transfer, creating situations where either security or speed is prioritized.

Daily threats in the form of DDoS attacks, new viruses, and malware, appear in corporate mailboxes and in corporate IT installation. These attacks are often very expensive and security is therefore a condition for the operation and survival of the company.

Danoffice IT has security- and network experts who design, install, maintain, and update your security solutions. You can let go of the worries, in a time where various forms of attacks constantly pose a threat, and instead focus on your core business.


We use tools which allow a detailed insight into the types and number of threats posed to the network. We analyse existing and potential threats and compose a risk assessment, forming the basis for proactive and prioritized actions, in relation to the protection of critical applications and assets, including personal sensitive data and business secrets.

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