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On the Faeroe Islands, P/F Poul Hansen is essential to the population’s wellbeing, not to mention survival. For three generations the trading company has supplied the islands with food and other daily necessities. Well-planned logistics and a modern IT infrastructure enables the company to provide supplies to even the remotest settlements in a world where everything must be imported, and the customers are deeply reliant on timely deliveries.

One is easily overawed by the beautiful nature of the Faroe Islands, where the volcanic islands have created an incredible, unique spot on the world map. But the Faroe Islands are also dark, grey and harsh, and it is not convenience nor accessibility that defines the daily lives of the Faroese people, who are heavily dependent on well-organized supplies of food and supplies.

The trading company P/F Poul Hansen is a lifeline for the Faroe Islands, where all goods are shipped in by boat, and the islands’ nature demands even greater attention on the supply chain. The company was founded as an import company in 1927, but today covers both imports of goods, distribution and even shop operations.

Today, P/F Poul Hansen is the largest supplier on the Faroe Islands with 70 employees. The company started importing tobacco and English fish. It now offers a full range of fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, colonial goods and confectionery. In other words, everything you can expect to find in a well-stocked supermarket. You likely rarely think about how many goods are in a supermarket, or the complex logistics associated with getting the products to the shelves.

The goods are imported from all over the world, with most coming from Denmark and England. Meat is imported in whole pieces, and P/F Poul Hansen has its own butchery, where the meat is cut, packed, and sold on to supermarkets and catering companies on the Faroe Islands.

Hoegni Hansen is the owner and CEO of P/F Poul Hansen. He is proud to be the third generation heading up the more than 90-year-old company, which has always prided itself of being innovative and forward-looking. In fact, they were the first company in the Faroe Islands to implement IT. That happened all the way back in 1962, starting with hole cards. The IT system has been upgraded many times since, and for the last 20 years, Danoffice IT has been the preferred partner.

Danoffice IT is located in Denmark, but Hoegni Hansen has never experienced the distance as a challenge.

“Danoffice IT is very competent and responsive. They come to the Faroe Islands twice a year to survey and service the systems. Everything else runs remotely, and it functions really well,” he says.

P/F Poul Hansen


P/F Poul Hansens’ IT system has undergone a major upgrade, as the old solution was outdated, both regarding licenses and performance. Greater speed is one of the core advantages of the new setup.

The company has its own servers on the Faroe Islands and has outsourced backup and security to Danoffice IT who oversees and monitors the system 24/7. An increased focus on cybersecurity is a necessity due to technological changes leading to both new opportunities and new risks – if companies do not proactively seek to guard themselves against attacks from cybercriminals.

”There is no crime on the Faroe Islands, so it is not something that we have had to address until recently. We are very much an IT-driven company and cybercrime is something we take very seriously. That is why we have outsourced our security measures to Danoffice IT”, Hoegni Hansen explains.

IT’s pivotal role in P/F Poul Hansens setup is tied to its ability to underpin efficient operations and logistics as well as the company’s strategy with a focus on secure delivery and high level of customer service. Customers are spread out over all the islands, including some of the most secluded and remote areas.

”IT is the nexus of our company! Reliability is extremely important. If we do not deliver food and other necessities, our customers cannot just go to a corner store to buy the milk and bread they need. We have a big responsibility towards our customers, and without our IT system we would never be able to maintain our high level of service,” Hoegni Hansen says.

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Storage: HPE Nimble HF20 + InfoSight

Server: HPE DL385 G10 with AMD CPU servers

Network: HPE Aruba wireless and wired network with Aruba 2540 + Aruba 3810M switches

Danoffice IT has done a complete, on-site installation and implementation, and handles daily operation and system surveillance.


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