Scheduled Delivery

More than 750.000 units per year

Each day hundreds of products leave our warehouse to destinations all over the world. Our logistics experts finds the most suitable and reliable method of transport to meet your requirements. Our long time logistics and freight expertise in supplying goods on a global scale ensures safe and swift delivery of your valuable goods.

We are committed to excellence in all steps of the logistics flow

  • In our warehouse we handle your goods and pack cargo shipments at an uncompromised high level of quality.
  • Proven and tested network of transport partners.
  • Our deliveries are worldwide, we do door-to-door delivery and local customs clearing to virtually any place.
  • Efficient internal flow and the volume ensures you cost-beneficial freight solutions.
  • Dedicated staff track and follow each shipment from A to Z.
  • For safety measures shipments is packed not reveal the content of your high value IT equipment.

Global Trade Compliance

A lot of hardware and software requires to be trade compliant based on export license approvals when it is being shipped out of USA and Europe.
​​​​​​​These rules are unknown to many, but can potentially cause huge delays in deliveries, create bad publicity in the Medias for both parties, and thereby potentially affect donors and donations negatively.A trusted vendor has knowledge about this, and implemented it as a SOP in their daily operations.
We have established an export compliance team, working focused to deal with these international rules and regulations, which we of course work according to. Export compliance is now fully implemented in our processes.
Our export compliance team went through the proposed equipment in this tender, to create an overview for eventual challenges. It is our clear expectations that full export compliance will be implemented without influencing lead times before signed an eventual agreement.

“Export license managed at no extra cost”

Working with Danoffice will ensure our customers with shipments of IT solutions being fully compliant with international export control regulation. Indeed, already at quotation time, Danoffice is to verify the need or not for the requested equipment of export licenses to the destination country in regards to Danish and US authorities and the impact it will have on delivery time. Doing so enables our customers managing its projects with more precision. Danoffice holds a Global Export License approval for United Nations agencies from the Danish Business Authorities. Therefore no export license is required for shipments to our customers as end-user and shipment can be effected immediately after receipt of goods. Our customers can benefit from the expertise of Danoffice by using our Export Compliance Manager Knowledge. Meetings can be organised at your best possible convenience. This service comes free of charge to our customers.

“Danoffice is fully compliant with the latest export regulations”
Our Cross Border Compliance Team is committed to comply with all international export control regulations and legal requirements. Before we ship your order, we make sure it complies with Export Administration Regulations (EAR) enforced by U.S. Department of Commerce / Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), EU-regulation no. 428 of 5 May 2009 and the international Wassenaar Arrangement.