IT Solutions

Anywhere, Any Time, Any Way as a service

When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you. And when technology transforms the world for the better, it becomes a greater place. This is the simple truth behind our vision. We are Danoffice IT, and our purpose is to improve the world through Information Systems and Information Technology.

It is a mission we pursue every single day, thanks to our global customers – every year international companies and organisations across more than 170 countries rely on our platform, and our people to supply 750,000 units globally.

The platform is a powerful one-stop-shop that delivers comprehensive, turnkey solutions encompassing products, services and logistics. The people are multinational, multifaceted, multi-talented – and adept at meeting the demands of businesses, organisations, government departments and NGOs that operate globally.

Our ‘one contract, one vision’ approach allows our customers to benefit from the same high quality of service, whether that’s at their global HQ or in their most remote local office. From Denmark to India, Brazil, Spain to United States, Danoffice IT delivers holistically to ensure added value and exceptional ROI.

Our team is characterised by a deep understanding of IT governance, and a proven ability to forge long-lasting relationships that drive commercial success for customers as their preferred trusted adviser. Close cooperation is key: from initial strategic consultation right through to specification and supply of hardware and software, installation, training, service and ongoing support.

We’ve been following our vision since 1995, and are proud of a client portfolio that includes several customers with in United Nations, NGO's and large global businesses. We love the conclusion by the New Economics Foundation in its ‘Happy Planet’ index that technology can bring a degree of extra happiness to the world. So here’s to better infrastructure platforms, communication, information and education; less menial work and longer, happier results for all.